Baru Sistema Medico

Baru Sistema Medico

- La Unión - Cartago - Costa Rica

For fifteen years, Baru Medical System is exclusively dedicated to providing occupational health services in providing professional services to companies and their employees.
Today we are entering new projects involving the families of their employees,

We aim to be generators of change in medicine and other areas of the occupational health of small, medium and large enterprises.

Our team consists of highly trained and committed to the needs of business professionals.

Baru Medical System's efficiency and quality, because he knows evolve and respond to the growing demands of the modern enterprise.
We would like your company and know their needs.

Our services can be part of your company; call our phone or via email and very soon we will contact you.

We are a company that we are interested in the welfare and health of its human capital.

Our medical services are of quality, we seek to offer their workers than necessary to achieve a balance.


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