Dr. Camilo Comba

Alajuela, San Jose, San Ramon - San Ramón - Alajuela - Costa Rica

San Jose
Rpte: Dr. Camilo Comba
WWW http://www.drcamilocomba.com
Doctor-surgeon. Antienvejecimiento. Aesthetic-cosmetic. Nutrition and obesity. Control of weight and obesity, lipoescultura without surgery (ultrasound), face rejuvenation, wrinkles, furrows, spots, acne, botul?nica toxin, increase of lips and gl?teos, treatment of striae and cellulitis, laser shaving, cosmetic surgery, spots, eyelids and ears, nails, spa, reductivos envelopes, massages, anticelulitico, reafirmante, lymphatic drainage, face cleaning and other techniques of face and corporal rejuvenation.


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