El Molino - Cartago, Costa Rica, 100 sur, 50 este, 50 norte del CUC - Cartago - Costa Rica

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Course cold porcelain jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings). Includes 8 different modeling techniques for jewelry, jewelry and decor.

It is a complete course in which you can start your own business from home. Learn to make beautiful pieces of jewelry, and mainly ocuparías not much space, this is a very clean and manageable to work it material. The works that we do are limitless. 'll Sell what you do with your own hands. Just like that, you learn and you served as therapy to feel better about yourself. In addition to grant a work out, and begins to introduce you to the world of creativity and at the same time get your income and feel better.
We begin with the development of earrings, necklaces, jewelery and all sorts of cold porcelain, beautiful designs imitation seeds which can not be distinguished from natural (cashew, CEFE, "babies", etc..). All of these with the


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